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Global Developed Markets – Best Investment View

Composite Characteristics

These dollar denominated mandates provide exposure to a portfolio of international securities including equities, fixed interest investments, commodities and cash. The asset allocation policy is flexible, although over the long term an equity bias is maintained.

Investment objectives

To produce an annualised return excess of 10% per annum in US dollars over rolling five-year periods – thereby expecting to outperform world equity indices.

Specific Restrictions

100% offshore exposure. South African investors must ensure compliance with the requisite tax and exchange control requirements before making a direct investment into these portfolios.

Differentiating Features

Notwithstanding the flexible asset allocation policy, the fund outperforms world equity markets with lower volatility and a lower risk of loss (as measured by maximum drawdowns). The graph below shows the fund's annualised returns and the US inflation rate over the rolling five year cycles and the real return over the same period. The graph demonstrates that the Fund has consistently delivered real returns of approximately 5% per annum in US dollars over rolling five year cycles.


Minimum segregated account size: Not available as a segregated mandate
Pooled funds: Foord International Trust unit trust (direct dollar investments), alternatively Foord International Feeder Fund unit trust (SA rand investments).

Historic Investment Returns

The investment return information reflected below in US Dollars is in respect of the Foord International Trust, which commenced on 17 March 1997.

* Total return of the MSCI World Equities Index (developed markets)

Contact us

For more information on Foord’s capabilities or to enquire about Foord’s product range please contact:

William Fraser
021 532 6935

Paul Cluer
021 532 6925