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Unconstrained Global Best Investment View

Composite Characteristics

This composite reflects the returns achieved on the Foord Compass portfolio since inception in 2002. To achieve the investment objective while managing investment risk, the portfolio may invest in any asset class, in any investment market, in any currency. Securities may be listed on local and foreign exchanges, while exposures may be both long and short. Other CIS portfolios may be used, while financial gearing may also be utilised when appropriate.

Investment objectives

To achieve returns in excess of South African CPI + 10% per annum over rolling five-year periods.

Specific Restrictions

No material restrictions – full discretion, global best investment view.

Differentiating Features

Reflecting the closed-end nature of the Foord Compass debenture, the Foord Compass portfolio has a very long-term investment horizon. The minimum period for performance measurement relative to the tough benchmark of SA CPI + 10% per annum is five years. The graph below reflects the annualised rolling five year returns on the Foord Compass portfolio and its benchmark, CPI + 10% per annum, commencing with the five years ended 31 December 2006.


Pooled: Foord Compass debentures, listed on the JSE Limited – share code FCPD

Historic Investment Returns

The investment return information reflected below is in respect of a composite comprising the Foord Compass Limited portfolio, which is managed on a segregated basis.

* SA CPI + 10% per annum

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