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Individual Portfolios

At Foord, we understand that not all individuals have similar investment needs. While our unit trust suite provides comprehensive and flexible investment opportunities that should satisfy most long-term savings needs, some investors require more structured and tailored, individual portfolios unique to their own investment needs, requirements and risk profiles.

Foord has been constructing such portfolios for clients for over 30 years. The collective experience of our portfolio managers is extensive.

Individual portfolios are constructed using JSE listed shares, listed property, government and corporate bonds and money market instruments, with foreign assets also included where appropriate. For adequate diversification and efficient management, investment lump sums should exceed R50 million.

To discuss options regarding your individual portfolio exceeding R50 million, please contact

Mike Townshend
Tel: +27 (0)21-532 6988

Individual Portfolio Managers


There are many people like me who have benefitted from Foord’s expertise in growing their life savings, despite the devastating effects of inflation and various other economic obstacles. Too many people work hard all their lives to end up seeing their investments or pensions being totally insufficient to provide for a reasonable retirement. You turn that around and in so doing give many folks a rewarding end to their lives. I am also aware of the relatively small percentages you charge for your services compared with almost every other industry, so in order for you and your associates to get a return you need to be doing a great amount of good work for a lot of lucky people. Thank you.
Dave Lombardi

I have invested with Foord for only three years now and am starting to see the benefits of their investment thinking. I realise that this is about the long term – that when I retire in 25 years I'll have a nest egg that will see me very financially comfortable for at least another 25 after that. I enjoy the fact that Foord is a boutique asset management company whose managers share their thinking and their understanding of the industry and markets in an accessible and empowering manner. I trust them with my financial future and that of my family.
Christina Castle

I was an employee at Foord Asset Management in the late 1980's and invested retirement contributions of R8 545 into the Foord Umbrella Fund. By the time I left in 1990 to start a family, those contributions had grown to R18 145. At the end of July 2013 my investment value has grown to an impressive R3 015 132 - without additional contributions during the last 25 years. That's a return of 22.5% per annum for 25 years. That’s a very welcome sum I’ll be looking forward to when I retire many years from now. And just for the record, that money is staying right where it is until that day.
Carolyn Bywater

I have invested in unit trusts for the past 30 years and have dealt with many management companies. Only two really stand out and Foord Unit Trusts is one of them. Not only great administration and low costs but superior returns as well. Investing is easy and when required, redemptions are smooth and quick. The website is packed with information and offers online viewing of accounts held. Plus, over the years Foord has not lost the personal touch which is much appreciated.
Ian Siddel

My experience with Foord began when I commenced seriously saving for retirement at the age of 26 by investing a small lump sum in 2006 in the Foord Equity Fund. Since then, consistent contributions together with superb performance of the fund (in both good and bad times) has grown my investment into a substantial nest egg in a few short years. A highlight is the newsletter that is presented in an easy-to-read and interesting format and accessible to the layman.

Foord’s administration staff are always happy to help, and their annual "Meet the manager" event is a pleasure to attend due to the interesting talks and market commentary that, again, are accessible to the layman. Lastly, the focused range of funds is also wide enough to support me should my investment goals or requirements change. I would highly recommend Foord to any young person seeking to invest for the long term.
Dane Bezuidenhout