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Unit Trusts Testimonials

"There are many people like me who have benefitted from Foord’s expertise in growing their life savings, despite the devastating effects of inflation and various other economic obstacles. Too many people work hard all their lives to end up seeing their investments or pensions being totally insufficient to provide for a reasonable retirement. You turn that around and in so doing give many folks a rewarding end to their lives. I am also aware of the relatively small percentages you charge for your services compared with almost every other industry, so in order for you and your associates to get a return you need to be doing a great amount of good work for a lot of lucky people. Thank you. "

-- Dave Lombardi

"I was an employee at Foord Asset Management in the late 1980's and invested retirement contributions of R8 545 into the Foord Umbrella Fund. By the time I left in 1990 to start a family, those contributions had grown to R18 145. At the end of July 2013 my investment value has grown to an impressive R3 015 132 - without additional contributions during the last 25 years. That's a return of 22.5% per annum for 25 years. That’s a very welcome sum I’ll be looking forward to when I retire many years from now. And just for the record, that money is staying right where it is until that day. "

-- Carolyn Bywater

"I have invested in unit trusts for the past 30 years and have dealt with many management companies. Only two really stand out and Foord Unit Trusts is one of them. Not only great administration and low costs but superior returns as well. Investing is easy and when required, redemptions are smooth and quick. The website is packed with information and offers online viewing of accounts held. Plus, over the years Foord has not lost the personal touch which is much appreciated. "

-- Ian Siddel

"My experience with Foord began when I commenced seriously saving for retirement at the age of 26 by investing a small lump sum in 2006 in the Foord Equity Fund. Since then, consistent contributions together with superb performance of the fund (in both good and bad times) has grown my investment into a substantial nest egg in a few short years. A highlight is the newsletter that is presented in an easy-to-read and interesting format and accessible to the layman.

Foord’s administration staff are always happy to help, and their annual "Meet the manager" event is a pleasure to attend due to the interesting talks and market commentary that, again, are accessible to the layman. Lastly, the focused range of funds is also wide enough to support me should my investment goals or requirements change. I would highly recommend Foord to any young person seeking to invest for the long term. "

-- Dane Bezuidenhout

"Over the last 15 years I have invested with several institutions and asset managers, and in my opinion none measures up to Foord. Excellent long-term performance has been accompanied by a highly competitive fee structure and consistently efficient, friendly and personalised service. Foord displayed its integrity to me by eliminating initial charges on its unit trusts long before it became the industry norm. I have been recommending Foord to family and friends for years. "

-- Davy Corubolo

"We learned about Foord Unit Trusts through an acquaintance. As a minor and rather recent investor, we’re pleased with its investment philosophy and returns – particularly that there are no initial or exit fees. Thanks to the wise advice from a sincere friend that has been an investor over a long period. "

-- Baboo Jairam

"I have been with Foord for 6 years during which time I have invested mainly by way of debit order. Foord management has been very good and totally reliable and the funds have grown well. Communications with Foord are always well handled and a pleasant experience. "

-- Name Withheld - Professional Engineer

"On 13 October 2010, I invested R100,000 with Foord Unit Trusts. I had saved this money over many years from my housekeeping money, and from teaching children to swim. I have allowed dividends and interest earned to be ploughed back into the investment."

I have been absolutely delighted to see my investment grow. This has already been a much better return than I was getting from my bank savings and money market accounts. As I will not need to draw on the Foord investment until about 2017, investment growth should allow me to use it on something really special by then. Thank you, Foord staff, for your always friendly advice and efficient service. "

-- Mrs Pat Fuggle

"I had never heard of Foord Asset Management and they certainly were not the unit trusts company written about in the newspapers. My son introduced me to a friend and on asking him what he did for a living he said he worked at Foord. He was pleasant and I was impressed with him as a person.

Thereafter I went online and researched Foord. Shortly afterwards I made a small investment in two funds. I was fortunate enough to be invited to a presentation and met the management of the company. I liked their approach and made further investments. To date these investments have performed better than the market. "

-- Cecil Sher

"I have invested with Foord for the past 10 years. My experience has been most positive for the following reasons: consistently superior returns; a choice of funds depending on my particular needs; and efficient and friendly administration staff. I would certainly recommend Foord to my colleagues and friends as an investment service provider. "

-- Allan Lishman

"We are not big investors, but we were unhappy with Foord’s returns for about 18 months over the period of the financial crisis. I contacted Foord by email to complain. A letter came back explaining about "long term," and "in the long run," and "over time." I was not amused, and replied that I would give it six months before rethinking the investment.

During this time, we were invited to a Meet the Team function at the Botanical Garden in Cape Town. I went looking for a fight, but came back with much more information (and nuts) than I had ever had before. And then, later we were invited to the Vineyard Hotel where the one speaker blew my socks off. He gave me a lot of ammo to use in my private life as well as in my teaching.

Obviously, I have stayed with Foord (hoping for some more nuts) and have seen an improvement in my investment, just as Foord had predicted. Thank you for looking after my money and offering the get-togethers. I appreciate it. "

-- Clara Correia

"I only place my clients’ funds where I dare to place my own. "

-- Hubert Stoll (Lulworth Investments)